What is the MUX card option accessory for the DX8100 Series HVR


The DX8100 allows you to install up to two 8 or 16 channel MUX cards. The MUX card option is installed in the DX8108/DX8116 and DX8124/DX8132 models. The MUX card provides an external BNC connector for connecting an analog monitor. The MUX card gives 8 or 16 channels of graphics acceleration and an additional composite video output to display multiplex video.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8108
  • DX8116
  • DX8124
  • DX8132
  • DX8108-MUX
  • DX8116-MUX


Installation, upgrade, and accessories.


The DX8108 base unit comes with an 8-channel capture card, and the DX8116 base unit includes a 16-channel capture card. When considering adding the MUX card, review the following options:

  • 8-channel MUX card configurations: The DX8108-MUX option is installed in DX8100 systems that contain an 8-channel capture card. A second 8-channel capture is required if a second 8-channel MUX card is to be installed.
  • 16-channel MUX card configurations: The DX8116-MUX option is installed in DX8100 systems that contain a 16-channel capture card. A second 16-channel capture is required if a second 16-channel MUX card is to be installed.

NOTE: The DX8100-ISCI and Nexsan SATABoy™ storage array options can be installed in combination with the DX8108-MUX and DX816-MUX option.

The table below describes other optional accessories that can be installed with the DX8108-MUX and DX816-MUX cards (depending on the DVR model). For a list of the current options, refer to the DX8100 product specification sheet (C2629). If an option is not listed in Table A it is not supported by the MUX cards described in this manual.

Table A. DX8100 Optional Accessories

Option Number Description
DX8100-EXP DX8100 16-channel expansion unit kit.
DX8100-512RAM DX8100 memory upgrade from 512 MB to 1 GB.
KBD300A KBD300A universal keyboard (requires KBDKIT).
KBDKIT (-X) Remote keyboard wiring kit (X = 220 VAC).
VSI-PRO AVE video serial interfaces for ATM/POS. The VSI-PRO and required cabling is available from AVE.
Regcom AVE RS-485 Network System peripheral for implementing serial ATM/POS device connectivity; use the DX8100 multi mode ATM/POS feature
Hydra AVE RS-485 Network System control unit for connecting multiple ATM/POS that use the Regcom unit through the DX8100
DX8100-DSP-W2K Dual display card upgrade for Windows 2000
DX8100-DSP-XP Dual display card upgrade for Windows XP Embedded

For installation instructions, download DX8100 8/16-Channel MUX Card Installation manual