Change the Date and Time on a DVR5100 Hybrid Video Recorder.


DVR5100 Date/Time does not match current time.
DVR5100 playback video does not match the time when it was recorded

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DVR5100 Hybrid Video Recorder, all models


The DVR5100 date/time was incorrectly set or has drifted away from the correct current time.


The DVR5100 relies on the configured date/time to identify video for playback. The configured settings also display to the user in the live view provide a time source for connected IP cameras.
To set the DVR5100 date and time:
1.  Connect a USB Keyboard and mouse to the DVR5100 and login as Admin.
2.  Press the F4 key to open the setup menu.
3.  Select the Date & Time tab
4.  Select the closest time zone to your location, and then select the closest city.  If your location observes a form of daylight saving time, the system will automatically change the time on the associated dates.
5.  Highlight the hours, minutes, and seconds in the Time field and type the time.
6.  Click in the Date field and type the appropriate date.
7.  If the site uses a NTP Server (Network Time Protocol) enter the address in the Time Server field.
8.  Click Apply.  Reboot the DVR5100 when prompted.
 For instructions with illustration, see page 39 of the DVR5100 Installation Manual.