Esprit is shutting down with Raytec IR added to it on a Pelco SMR.


The Esprit is shutting down if has the SMR for adding Raytec 50 series IR illuminators as an SMR to the camera. This happens when the heaters are Turning On at the same time the illuminators are on.

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Pelco Cameras


Esprits with Raytec 50 Illuminators added to it as a Pelco SMR. Especially happens when the Esprit heaters come on.


The Illuminators are drawing to much current through the Esprit powers supply.


The Raytec 50 series Illuminators have been approved for addition to the Esprit as an SMR. The illuminators need to be set up to draw as little power as possible. Inside the illuminator is a potentiometer that needs to be turned down to about 25% so that the illuminator draws less power. It comes from the Raytec factory set to the high position.

Note: This is apply to both Dual or Single IR Illuminators