Exporting files from the CM9700 System Manager to floppy disk.


Made programming changes using CM9700 System Manager, exported files to a floppy disk, copied files into the CM9700-CC1 CPU Controller but changes that were made did not appear.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9700-CC1 CPU Controller Version 9.XX.XXX
  • System Manager Version 9.03.032.


PSM file was saved but not exported to a Floppy Disk.


Export the configuration files to a Floppy Disk from the System Manager then copy the configuration file to the CM9700-CC1 CPU Controller.

1. Select File > Export To Configuration Files. The browse for folder dialog box opens.

2. Navigate to the drive and folder where you want to export the configuration files, and then click OK.
Note that the configuration files can be exported either to a hard drive (either local or network) or to a floppy drive (disk).

3. The Export Configuration Files dialog box opens. Click Begin Export.

4. If you selected a floppy drive for the export location, the Insert Floppy dialog box opens.

Insert a 3.5-inch floppy disk into the PC (a blank floppy disk is strongly recommended), and then click OK.

If you have configured a multi-node system, the Insert Floppy dialog box opens for each node and the NIU (network interface unit), prompting you to insert a separate floppy for each node.

The system will prompt you to insert another disk if there is not enough room on the current floppy disk. Some larger systems may require several floppy disks, possible one for each node.

Once the export process is complete, you will have a disk set (containing one or more disks, depending on the size of the system) for each node and the NIU (if present).

When the export procedure has finished, the message “EXPORT COMPLETE” appears.

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