Terminating a Spectra IV Series PTZ camera.


How to terminate a Spectra IV PTZ for RS422 control?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra IV
  • RS422 Control Format via Pelco P or D protocol


Terminating a Spectra IV PTZ


SW2 Switch 10: Termination Setting.

  1. When daisy chaining Spectra IV dome system to a single controller, terminate the unit farthest from the controller. Termination is only required for the last dome in the series.The dome drive is shipped from the factory in the unterminated (OFF) position. To terminate the dome drive, set SW2-10 to the ON position.
  2. Termination is also recommended for a Single Camera RS422 installation that is physically attached to its own isolated RS422 port from controller end only if single camera is over 1000 feet from controller to camera .
  3. If a home run of RS422 PTZ  for multiple cameras is required, it is recommended to review the CM9760-CDU-T. See related articles below for more information.

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