Will Sarix Surevision cameras work well with Sodium vapor Lighting?


Using Sodium Vapor lighting can cause Blue and Yellow splotches that will scroll on the screen.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Sarix Surevision Cameras = All Models.


The Sodium Vapor Lamp emits a low pressure yellow or high pressure golden white glow. There is no ultraviolet light emitted, therefore the light is lacking in blue.


There are three options. 

  1. Change the lighting.
  2. Change the field of view of the camera so that low frequency light sources are not shown in the scene.
  3. Turn Flicker Correction to “on”.

To Turn on Flicker Correction:

  1. Using a web browser, type in the IP address of the camera.
  2. Login and click on SETTINGS.
  3. Hover the mouse over the imaging TAB and select Exposure.
  4. Turn Flicker Correction to on.

    Auto: This setting automatically reduces rolling shutter flicker in scenes with less dynamic range, but it does not reduce picture flicker in scenes with high dynamic range.

    On: This setting reduces rolling shutter picture flicker, and it dramatically reduces the amount of dynamic range in the image.
    Off: This setting maintains the maximum amount of dynamic range in the image, but it can produce rolling shutter picture flicker in scenes with fluorescent or other oscillating light sources. Off is the default setting.