Install tcpdump on a Pelco Linux device


The tcpdump tool must be installed as a prerequisite to performing a packet capture on a Linux device.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Sarix platform cameras
  • Endura NET5402R-HD
  • Endura VCD5202
  • UDI5000-MTRX
  • UDI5000-CAM
  • NSM5200


tcpdump is a common packet analyzer that runs under the command line. It allows the user to intercept and display TCP/IP and other packets being transmitted or received over a network to which the computer is attached. Distributed under the BSD license, tcpdump is free software.


  1. Ensure the SSH feature of the camera being used has been enabled.
  2. Obtain a copy of the appropriate version of tcpdump for the device.
  3. Download tcpdump for Sarix platform cameras.
  4. Download tcpdump for Endura gen1 Linux devices or tcpdump for SM5200.
  5. Download tcpdump for tcpdump for NET55XX
  6. Download tcpdump for D6230
  7. Extract the downloaded zip file and place all files in an accessible location.
  8. Log into Endura Utilities using your admin login [Default username: admin, password: admin]
  9. Locate and Right click the device.
  10. Select SCP, then select Copy Files to
  11. Browse to and select the required file and click the Open button.
  12. Enter the appropriate destination directory in the Remote Path textbox and click the OK button.

    Required files and path they go in...

    and UDI5000-CAM or UDI5000-MTRX:



  13. D6230

  14. All Other:

  15. Right click the device in Endura Utilities and select SSH into [Default username: root, password: pel2899100]
  16. Making tcpdump exectuatble...
    chmod 755 /usr/sbin/tcpdump
  17. If installing on SM5200, also enter this command...
    useradd tcpdump
  18. To do a quick search to see if SM Locator traffic is being received, run the following from the command line...
    tcpdump | grep 2901

  19. For information on how to use tcpdump please see Lessons Learned Article #10743: Obtain a packet capture from a Linux device.

Note: Do not attempt these steps on an Atlas encoder or camera, such as the NET5301T or IP110. Doing so may break SSH functionality. In addition, tcpdump is pre-installed on the NSM5200.