Blinking Amber light on the IS50 Series Camclosure .


What does the Amber light on the IS50 motherboard indicate?

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Pelco Cameras


IS50 Series Camclosure


Camera Back Focus is out of adjustment.


Perform a back focus adjustment to correct any defocus that may have occurred when the enclosure was

  1. Press the [ABF2] button. The ABF operation indicator starts blinking.
  2. While the indicator is blinking (for approximately 3 minutes), reattach the enclosure.
  3. When the indicator stops blinking and remains lit, back focus is adjusted automatically. After the back focus is adjusted, the indicator turns off.


  • Do not aim the camera at continuously moving objects.
  • If, after changing to a steady light, the indicator blinks again, back focus adjustment may have failed. In this case, check the back focus on the monitor