What network ports are required for a remote connection to a Digital Sentry System?


  • What network ports are required to be open when connecting to a Digital Sentry system through NAT or a firewall.
  • DS Application Ports to connect using DS ControlPoint

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS NVs


  • Without the proper network ports available through filtering equipment, connection failure will occur.
  • DS Application Ports


DS Application Ports

Below are the network ports utilized by DS ControlPoint and Pelco Mobile: 

  • TCP - Dynamic SQL port which would need to be obtained through DS Quick setup as noted below.
    • The dynamic port can be located using DS QuickSetup > Tools > Configure SQL Ports (DS 7.2.30 +).
  • 1434 UDP - Off-box SQL Server, required for DigitalSentry systems (DS ControlPoint/DS Admin)
    • SQL discovery port used by DS ControlPoint to locate the dynamic SQL TCP port.
  • 17772 TCP - (Not required) Used for the DS ControlPoint Diagnostics feature, also provides the server version found in the Systems tab.
  • 18772 TCP - Utilized to deliver DigitalSentry video to a computer client (DS ControlPoint/DS Admin), this port is both incoming and outgoing.
  • 443 TCP - Required for Pelco Mobile connections when the DSWebService is installed (Pelco Mobile/DSWebService).
  • 18778 - 187xx UDP - Utilized to deliver audio from Digital Sentry servers to ControlPoint clients.
    • If audio is being streamed to a DS ControlPoint client, the next DS CP client that request audio will use the next UDP port up (example: UDP 18779, 18780, 18781...etc).  Port usage per DS CP client not individual audio stream.

Connecting over a WAN / Internet connection, refer to article: DS ControlPoint: Connect to a Digital Sentry DSSRV / DSSRV2 behind a router, firewall or through Network Address Translation (NAT).

Note: Pelco does not program routers due to possible liability issues that could arise during programming or if a setting is set incorrectly for the customer's specific network environment. Router programming should be done by the local I.T. department or by contacting the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or the manufacturer of the router. There are also online tools to help with programming of many different routers. For example here is a very useful site that can assist with router programming, Portforward.com.