Termination Dip switch selection for an Esprit Series PTZ


What dip switches are required to terminate the Esprit PTZ Camera?

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Pelco Cameras


Esprit / Version (all)


Establish Termination


Dip switch Settings For Esprit

(1) SW1-5 OFF For controllers that have more than 32 presets.
ON For American Dynamics™ controllers (32 presets).

(2) SW1-6 OFF For all control systems except CM9502 with variable speed
keyboards. For CM9502 with fixed speed keyboards, set switch
to OFF. ON For CM9502 with variable speed keyboards to get smoother
joystick control.

(3) SW1-7 OFF RS-422 transmitter is not terminated.
ON RS-422 transmitter is terminated.

(4) SW1-8 OFF 1.2 Vp-p video level.
ON 1 Vp-p video level.

NOTE: For other Dip switch settings, refer to any of our Esprit product manuals

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