Spectra Series Compatibility


Spectra Lite * Spectra II * Spectra III * and Spectra IV Compatibility

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Pelco Cameras


All Spectra integrated systems – all models – all versions.


Over time the Hardware and firmware of the spectra integrated dome series has changed. Therefore some interface compatibilities will have changed also.


The chart below gives information on which dome drives fit into which back box housings.

Spectra Integrated Positioning Systems Compatibility Chart

  Housing Back Boxes
Dome Drives Spectra Lite Spectra II Spectra III Spectra IV
Spectra/Lite DD5 X      
Spectra II DD5   X    
Spectra III DD53   X X X*
Spectra IV DD4     X* X

Spectra Series backbox

  • BB5: Spectra
  • BB5A: Spectra II
  • BB53: Spectra III
  • BB4: Spectra IV

* The Spectra III and IV have a heat transfer incompatibility and if used in outdoor applications may present integrity risk.

Spectra IV Product Page - https://www.pelco.com/video-surveillance-camera-security-systems/analog