Digital Sentry Supported Devices List: What Pelco/Third-Party IP cameras are supported on the Digital Sentry (DS) System?


  • The Digital Sentry software has supported IP camera drivers built in.
  • DS IP camera compatibility

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS RealVue
  • DS Xpress


The Partner First - Digital Sentry Supported Devices list has been released to documented supported IP Cameras.


Digital Sentry Supported Devices:

  1. Click Digital Sentry Supported Devices
  2. Select the Manufacture (this will automatically list all cameras from that manufacture.)
  3. Enter the specific Model Name or browse through the list of devices and verify the camera is listed.
  4. Click on the cameras model number to view the Digital Sentry Supported Features.

The cornerstone of Digital Sentry design, a fully open architecture, is provided through ONVIF compliance and support for a large number of IP specific drivers. Users can choose specific IP cameras or encoders to fit their application.

  • Note: If the Digital Sentry Supported FeaturesInterface shows "ONVIF", the onvif driver/option will need to be used when configuring the camera using DS Quick Setup.
  • Digital Sentry 7.5.609 and above supports cameras that are ONVIF Profile S compliant. If a newer camera is not listed on the Digital Sentry Supported Devices list as long as the camera is ONVIF Profile S compliant Digital Sentry will be able to get Live Video, PTZ, and Motion detection features.

What does “validated by design” mean?
We test a sample model from each camera series. If it passes then we publish as “Validated”. All of the other models in that same camera series are published as “validated by design”. “Validated by design” indicates the camera manufacturer has stated it uses the same design/API as the model we tested.

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Do not use below camera tables:  Still listed for archive purposes.

********************The below information is Obsolete as of June 1st 2014 ***************************

Note: This information is no longer used to determine compatibility with Digital Sentry devices, the information is still posted for reference to legacy versions of DS software.

Click the link which matches the installed Digital Sentry version on the server to view the Digital Sentry IP camera Compatibility Release Notes.

Validation Scheme:
By Design: Camera is supported based on statements of API compatibility made by the respective manufacturer
Validated: Camera is supported based on confirmation of API compatibility