No PTZ control from a Spectra Mini PTZ camera controlled directly with a KBD300A.


I have no control from my KBD300A keyboard to my DD4 Spectra Mini using D protocol.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra Mini/DD4
  • KBD300A Version 5.7


  1. The Spectra Mini by factory default configuration is set for D protocol Address 1 at 2400 COMM
  2. The KBD300A out of the box by factory default will self set for P protocol at 4800 COMM when switches are not changed or keyboard is not tied to a matrix.


To function properly, the DD4 Spectra Mini and the KBD300A will need to be set with identical protocols in order to achieve communication. Either the Pelco P or D protocol may be selected. There is no difference in PTZ response when either Protocol or Baud Rate is selected.

The selection of Protocol and Baud Rate is user preference for convenience of installation or selection based on existing ptz cameras or control end equipment.

View the following article for setting the KBD300A for D protocol or P protocol: Lessons Learned Article #10650.

View the following article for setting the Spectra Mini switch settings: Lessons Learned Article #9899.