Configure a record schedule for all cameras on the DX8000/DX8100 Series Hybrid Video Recorder.


  • How do you configure the DX8000/DX8100 Series Hybrid Video Recorder for video record Settings?
  • How to setup motion recording schedules on a DX8000/DX8100 .
  • Constant or continuous recording.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8000 Series
  • DX8100 Series HVR


Change recording mode and schedule.


To configure record settings for all cameras:

  1. From the DX8100 toolbar, click the Setup button  . The Setup dialog box opens to the Camera page.
  2. Click the Schedule button  . The Schedule page is displayed.
  3. Click the checkbox for the Record Mode which matches the color shown in the Channel Scheduling Panel.
  4. In the Channel Scheduling Panel, right-click and drag the mouse to highlight the time periods and channels where you want the recording mode to be removed. Clear out any color recording indications in the schedule (Make sure everything is grey for no recording).   Left-Click and drag the mouse to "paint" the desired record type within each row.
  5. Apply the settings by clicking on the "Apply" button.


5 Record Mode

Selects a recording mode to be applied to a camera. Options are as follows:

  • Normal
  • Motion
  • Alarm

Note earlier DX8000 software versions do not support multiple record modes applied to the cameras.


6 Channel Scheduling Panel

Allows the assignment of recording modes across individual camera channels over a 24-hour period.

7 Camera Settings Panel

Allows custom settings to be applied to individual cameras for each recording mode.

8 Apply

Saves current schedule.

NOTE: When you set up Motion recording on the DX8100 and Apply when you go back into Schedule it will show normal recording check marked but the motion will be still in blue.

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