My existing motion tracking application has lost tracking function


After updating Site IQ software, the ability to track motion has been lost. Video and the ability for normal PTZ control is working correctly.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Site IQ
  • Spectra Lite
  • Spectra I
  • Spectra II
  • Spectra III
  • Spectra IV


Site IQ uses RS-485 bi-directional transmissions to acquire camera positioning and to transmit PTZ commands. ONLY Spectra III and Spectra IV models are compatible with this transmission. If at any time a functional unit is combined with a non-compatible part, the camera positioning data will not transmit and motion tracking will no longer function.


Only Spectra III and Spectra IV dome drives and back boxes are to be used natively together for this type of application. DO NOT COMBINE earlier models or functionality will be lost.