Connect the KBD960 keyboard to a CM6800 Series Matrix Switcher.


How to connect the KBD960 keyboard to a CM6800 Series Matrix Switcher

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Pelco Matrix


KBD960 keyboard


Product accessory.


Communication to the keyboards is RS-485. Pelco recommends using CAT5, CAT5E, or CAT6 cabling that meets or exceeds the basic requirements for EIA RS-485 applications.

1. Set all DIP switches OFF. The DIP switches are located on the bottom of the keyboard.
2. Connect the RJ-45 straight cable from COM 1 of the keyboard to the power supply. See Figure 2 on page 11 in the KDB960/KBR960 Installation/Operation Manual
3. Connect the other RJ-45 straight cable from the power supply to COM 3 of the CM6800.
     Installing or adding a KBD960/KBR960 to a CM6800E in standalone or expanded mode in a 96x16 application must used COM 3 of the primary matrix. Never use com 3 on the slave matrix.
4. Plug in the power supply.