Create and call a Preset using the KBD960


A preset camera position is a set of parameters which define pan, tilt, zoom, and focus adjustments. Manually using the keyboard, follow these steps to create a preset position and to initiate the camera to recall a preset camera position.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • KBD960
  • Various Pelco PTZ cameras
  • Compatible third party PTZ cameras


Programming feature



There are 64 available presets. For example, follow these steps to create Preset 1:

  1. Move the joystick to the desired position.
  2. Select DEF from Main Menu 2.
  3. Select PRST to bring up the Preset Menu
  4. Enter 1 and select PRST. "PROGRAMMING PRESET 01 ENTER PRESET LABEL" appears on the monitor.
  5. Press Open/Close to scroll through the alphanumeric characters. Each preset label can have up to 20 characters. Move the joystick to the right to set each character.
  6. Move the joystick to SET and then to the right.

Note: You are asked for you PIN only when you access the Define Menu for the first time after logon.


Follow these steps to recall the preset you created:

  1. Go to Main Menu 1.
  2. Enter 1.
  3. Select PRST or press Prst/Lock. The camera moves to the preset position and the preset label appears on the monitor.