Environment Error pops up after a DX8100 recovery


After performing a recovery on the DX8100, the unit boots with an Error Popup:

Environment Error
Windows cannot load the users profile but has logged on with the default profile for the system.
Details: System cannot find the file specified.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8100 version 1.2 recovery disk.


The image on the disk is corrupt on version 1.2.


  1. Download the recovery disk version 2.0: https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/je6fa3kd41sv7fofsw47qwy7res4n4nl
  2. Use a blank DVD-R disk to burn the image.
  3. Right-click file on the downloaded ISO file and select "Burn Disk Image" (Windows 7 and up only).
  4. Perform recovery using the disk version 2.0


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