Window wiper kits (WW57) power consumption


How much voltage / watts is require to operate the wiper in the EH5700 and EH5700L Series?

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Pelco Cameras


EH5700 Series
EH5700L Series
WW57 Series


Voltage / watts requirements


Please refer to table 1 for WW57 Series power consumption.

Models Voltage Watts
WW5723-1 120 VAC 15
WW5723-2 24 VAC 15
WW5723-3 230 VAC 15
WW5729-1 120 VAC 15
WW5729-2 24 VAC 15
WW5729-3 230 VAC 15

NOTE: The kits must be modified to use +5 to +10 VDC to turn on the wiper when the kits are used with Pelco's receivers. Refer to page 4, section "Window Wiper Kit Modification" in WW57 Series Installation/Operation Manual.