Spectra IV PTZ camera erratic pan/zoom when control with the KBD300A


When pan/tilt and zoom the Spectra IV, the unit continues zooming and panning in the direction of the initial joystick command.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Matrix


Spectra / Versions (all)
KBD300A / Versions (all)


The Data termination setting needs to be established at the Camera


When connecting more than one Spectra IV dome system to a single controller, terminate the unit farthest from the controller. Termination is only required for the last dome in the series.
The dome drive is shipped from the factory un-terminated (OFF) position. To terminate the dome drive, set SW2-10 to the ON position.

Perform the following steps to terminate the dome drive:

  1. Disconnect the dome drive from the back box.
  2. Locate the DIP switches on the top of the Spectra IV dome drive (refer to Figure 1).
  3. Set the SW2-10 switch to the ON position. 

    Figure 1. Setting the DIP Switches

NOTE: Dome termination is not required for Coaxitron control.