Enable or Disable an analog video input in the Digital Sentry software.


Adding or removing an analog camera on a system running the Digital Sentry software.

Manually enable/disable video inputs.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS Admin
  • DSXPress
  • DSRealVue
  • DS NVS
  • ENC5416
  • ENC5516
  • XMUX
  • Analog Cameras


The video input will need to either be enabled to view a new camera added or disable to avoid video loss errors if removing a camera.

DS Enable/Disable Video input


DS Enable/Disable Video input


The Video Inputs tab (refer to image below) allows you to select which inputs are connected to cameras that you want to activate or deactivate. To select the inputs, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the DSAdmin utility by navigating to Start > Programs > Pelco > DS Admin and login with the 'admin' user account (default = 'admin','admin').
  2. Expand the VAU folder and then expand VAU system (computer icon) underneath.
  3. Expand the Video Input Devices folder
  4. Click directly on the listed board (BDR1xxxxx) to be modified (click on the name directly like a hyperlink).

    ENC5416 = BRD (1-4) HP3000-16
    ENC5516 = BRD (1-4) ENC5516
  5. Click on the Video Inputs tab
  6. Select the inputs by placong a check mark in the corrosponding checkbox and then click Save. When saved the camera icons are created under the video input device in the directory tree. Also, selected inputs with a video signal will be labeled green; unselected inputs with a video signal display black labels; all inputs with no video signal are labeled red.
  7. Click Refresh Video Status to retrieve the current signal data for all displayed inputs.
  8. Click the "Disable all ports with no video" button to deselect all inputs without a video signal.

    Note: If Input number is Grey, go to that camera and disable PTZ then you will be allowed to disable camera.