How do I convert two CM6800E-48X8 to the CM6800-96X16?


How do I convert two CM6800E-48X8 to the CM6800-96X16?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix


  • CM6800E-48X8 (Qty 2)
  • KBD300A
  • KBD200A
  • KBD960-US
  • CM6800E-KIT


Additional resource available for assembly of CM6800-96X16


The firmware in each of the CM6800E-48X8 must match and you must have cameras installed on the slave CM6800E-48X8 for expansion to work.

  1. Connect the Ribbon Cable from the CM6800E-KIT to both the master and slave unit.
  2. Connect the Reverse RJ45 cable to port #2 on both the master and slave unit.
  3. Connect the KBD to master CM6800. Initialize the KBD to CM6800 and hold down the PGM key.
  4. Enter password to menu of 2899100.
  5. Go to SYSTEM and move joystick to right.
  6. Select 96X16 and move joystick to right
  7. You will now have a menu asking if you would like to continue, select YES and move the joystick to right.
  8. Your system will now configure to 96X16 this will take some time do not power down until it is done. Monitors will display the text "UPDATING".


Note: that keyboards, Genex multiplexers, and other peripheral devices can only be connected to the main unit. The expansion unit can only support cameras, PTZ receivers, monitors, local alarms, and local relays.


Note: Both CM6800E must be same version 3.06 or newer and must have video connected to both units. The old ribbon cable connector with the plastic clip is no longer available.