How do I setup a box to box connection with Net300's


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To use an existing Ethernet network for continuity from a camera to the head end equipment, a set of encoder/decoders can be utilized.

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Pelco Transmission & Power


Net300T – All Versions
Net300R – All Versions
Net350T – All Versions
Net350R – All Versions


Installation and application using a box-to-box connection .


Important Note:  

1.  Make sure that only the Receiver's alarm settings information includes:

  • The IP address of the Transmitter
  • The Receiver's Live Video Auto-Connect is set to ON

2.  Use UDP instead of TCP as the video transmission setting.  This setting will require UDP ports 1024-65535 are open through the routers.  HTTP port 80 is still used by the browser and also needs to be open.

3.  Use the preset parameters in the video encoder configuration that best fit the installation

First, transmitter and receiver need to be configured appropriately. If the units are supposed to be operated in different subnets, a gateway IP address must be configured. Use the Live video receiver IP address field to address the destination. Enter the settings using a web browser. In order for live video images to be decoded, the special ActiveX control file must be installed on your PC. The latest version of the ActiveX platform comes on the PelcoNet CD. Also, the unit will not function without some form of Microsoft’s Virtual Machine installed on the PC. Virtual Machine is included on the PelcoNet resource CD that came with your NET300 unit.

Download the ActiveX control file plug-in:

Download Microsoft’s Virtual Machine plug-in:

Open a web browser and enter the units IP address in the Address Bar

  • (Transmitter)
  • (Receiver) 

Click on SETUP

Click on ALARM SETTINGS and enter the Net300R IP address in the LIVE Video receiver address field.  Apply the Setting by clicking on SET.


Connect a monitor to the NET300R using an analog input.  Video will now display.