What is the RJ-50 Connection pin out for the CCC5110H-6


Power , Video, and RS422 wire connections can be connected thru the RJ-50 port on the CCC5100H-6 Series cameras.

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The CCC5100H Series camera combines data, video, and power leads in to a single multifunction connector on the rear panel. This lets you quickly install and uninstall the camera.


  • Do not connect a network cable into the multifunction connector on the camera's rear panel. It is not a network connector.
  • The PCM150 camera mount is designed for the CCC5100H Series camera. It includes a preconfigured cable and an easy-to-wire adapter plate.

The camera supports two different RJ-45 plugs, depending on the application. Use a 10-pin RJ45-10 plug. (The 10-pin RJ45-10 plug is also known as an RJ-50 plug.) If you will not use camera control to access the on-screen menus, you can use an 8-pin RJ-45 plug.

To install the multifunction connector

  1. Have the following:
    • Unshielded twisted pair cable, either 10-conductor in five twisted pairs or 8-conductor in four twisted pairs. If you will not implement UTP video, you can use flat Cat5 or Cat6 cable.
    • RJ45-10 (10-pin) or RJ-45 (8-pin) plugs
    • A crimping tool that matches the plug type: RJ45-10 (10-pin, 10-conductor) or RJ-45 (8-pin, 8-conductor)
  2. Identify the multifunction connector leads that you will use.
  3. Wire the cable and connectors according to Table C Figure 5 identifies pin 1 on the multifunction connector.
  4. Plug the multifunction connector into the camera.