DS ControlPoint stops responding and crashes with error event CLR20r3 shortly after loading.


Shortly after launching DS ControlPoint, the software stops responding with "DS ControlPoint has stopped working".

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DS ControlPoint versions 7.3.54 - 7.3.208


When DS ControlPoint is opened the software tries to resolve the address http://goo.gl/0OXzs (Software update location) which will result in XML information being returned. 

If DS ControlPoint is unable to resolve or connect to the http://goo.gl/0OXzs location, DS ControlPoint will continue to operate as normal. 
However, if DS ControlPoint receives a HTML webpage instead of the XML information expected, DS ControlPoint can stop responding and crash with the CLR20r3 event error. 
This can happen if there is a proxy on the network which may send a HTML login page or access denied page.


Upgrade DS ControlPoint to version 7.4.149 or higher.

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