When switching camera channels on a CM9760 Matrix, the Spectra IV pattern quits


After calling up a pattern into motion on a Spectra IV series, a camera channel change stops the camera's pattern.

The Spectra IV stops patterns or tours.

Spectra pattern stops

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9760 Matrix – all versions
  • Spectra IV – SL and SE series version 1.070 or newer
  • CM9760-KBD version 8.45 in direct mode
  • KBD300A version 5.7 when connect to a 9700 series matrix.


The matrix will broadcast a Stop command when switching channels and that can stop Patterns. Compatability .


  1. Turn Switch 3 on SW-2 switch bank to “ON”.

This works on Coaxitron and Serial Communications.

       2.  Update Dome Drive Firmware to the latest version.

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