How to wire and configure Pelco fiber modules for PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) control?


Wiring and configuring Pelco fiber modules for PTZ control

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  • Fiber Transmitter/Receiver
    • FT85011/FR8501, FT8101/FR810, FT85041/FR85041, FT85081/FR85081, FT86011/FR86011, FT106011/FR106011, FTD1/FRD1, FTD4/FRD4, FTV10D1A2/FRV10D1A2, FTV40D2/FRV40D2, FTV80D2/FRV80D2, FTV10D1/FRV10D1
  • PTZ setup
  • Spectra Series – All Models
  • Esprit Series – All Models
  • Exsite – All models
  • Legacy Receivers


Installation and Configuration.


For normal PTZ control; all Pelco PTZ cameras use RS422/RS485 2 wire connections. The ONLY reason to use a 4 wire connection is for application specific instances when the controller (Head End System) needs positioning information from the camera. For example: a motion tracking device or software.

The controller is always the data source of the PTZ signal. Therefore, the data stream is transmitted (TX or Data Out) from the controller. Always connect the 2 wires from the source (TX, or Data Out) and land the leads on the receive terminals (RX, or Data In) of the next device in-line in continuity with the camera link. All Pelco devices are labeled TX and RX. Or some newer and 3rd party devices use the terminology Data In/Out. 

The following flow charts show a normal PTZ connection through an unspecified model fiber connection:




Note: Set both dip switches 1 and 2 to Off position on the Fiber for RS-422

When using Pelco Coaxitron (up the coax), Pelco modules will autosense and propagate the coaxitron signal. Older models have a dial. The dial MUST be set correctly:  In addition all modern Pelco PTZ cameras autosense the coaxitron signal as well and do not require any switch settings to function as specified throughout most applications. For older Pelco models reference the installation manual for switch settings.

  • Set the Dial to 5 for Coaxitron

Note: KBD300A keyboard in Direct mode control through Fiber converters Support RS-422 ONLY.

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