After a power outage, the Genex Multiplexer loses PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) control


A power surge causes the Genex to lose PTZ control or exhibit other strange behaviors.

Buffer corruption.

Product Line

Pelco Transmission & Power


Genex Multiplexer – All Models.


The power surge has a potential to scramble saved configurations and primary code functions stored on motherboard components.


The Genex should be protected with power conditioning and surge equipment to reduce the risk of code corruption. If PTZ control is lost after a surge; perform the following reset procedure. 

Reset Genext to factory default

  • Unplug the power cord from the back of the Genex.
  • Press and hold the View button
  • Continue to HOLD in the view button while plugging the power chord back into the back of the Genex.
  • Watching the MAIN monitor, a 20 second count down will begin.
  • LET GO of the VIEW button before the countdown completes, and the main monitor will display a Multiview display grid of cameras.


Download the Genex Series Simplex and Duplex Multiplexers Installation and Operation Manual to setup the Genex for PTZ control.

Secondly, the Genex uses a capacitor that holds a power charge to sustain memory. It does not use a battery. Overtime the capacitor may no longer hold the charge to sustain memory. The genex will require to be sent in to Pelco for repair.