How to clear the DevicesOnline.dat file on an Endura VCD5000/5200.


  • Offline or previously removed-from-system cameras are still present in camera list.
  • Changes made to devices (such as name changes and Camera Type modifications) are not reflecting on some or all user accounts.
  • Other miscellaneous minor behavioral anomalies attributed to old or "stale" cache data.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Pelco Endura VCD5000/5200


DevicesOnline.dat is corrupt, causing the latest SM5000 information not to propagate.


  1. Log out of the VCD5000.
  2. Launch Endura Utilities, log in and press Search.
    note: The default login credentials for Endura Utilities version 2.2 and below is [Username: Administrator and Password: configapp], however version 2.3 and greater removed that unique login credential requirement, and instead authenticates against the standard Endura Credentials used for WS5XXX and VCD5200; The default login in that case is [Username: admin and Password: admin].
  3. In the System Attributes tab, right-click the VCD5000/5200 in question and select SSH Into....
    note: Press "Search" if you do not see the VCD in question, also note that a user must be logged into VCD5000/5200 console for the Device to be found.
    note: The default Linux Administrative login credentials for Endura devices is [Username: root and Password: pel2899100 ].
    note: If you have never SSH'd into the unit before, you will likely receive the following warning prompt...

    Click Yes to proceed.
  4. Enter the following commands to stop the VCD service, delete the cache, and reboot.
    service vcd stop
    rm -rf /usr/local/Pelco/VCD5000/Packages/UserConfigs/*/DevicesOnline.dat