SM5000 may crash when using Endura Utilities v2.3.9 on a an IPv6 enabled computer.


When Endura Utilities is started on a PC that has IPv6 enabled, Endura Utilities will send both the IPv4 address and IPv6 address to the SM5000 for registration purposes. The SM5000 is currently not compatible with IPv6 and the result is a crash (core dump) of the SM5000 service. When the SM5000 services crashes it may result in cameras and other Endura devices being temporarily marked as offline.

To identify if this problem exists, check the contents of the /usr/local/Pelco/SM5000 directory on the SM5000 by following the steps below. If this directory contains any core.* files that correspond with instances of Endura Utilities starting then it is likely that the issue exists at this location.

  1. Open Endura Utilities and login as an administrative user.
  2. Right click on the SM5000 and select Scripts > One-time script.
  3. In the box the opens, type ls -lst core.* /usr/local/Pelco/SM5000 and click OK.

After the script completes a listing of files will be returned. If the message "ls: core.*: No such file or directory /usr/local/Pelco/SM5000:" is returned then no core dump files were found. If core dump files were returned then verify if the time stamp corresponds with Endura Utilities starting on a computer located on the Endura network in question.

Example of returned core dump files:

[root@PELCO root]# 

total 203819
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 94826496 Jul 11 13:48 core.10423
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 74317824 Jul 11 14:04 core.10806
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 72273920 Jul 11 14:05 core.12762
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 74444800 Jul 11 14:06 core.12979
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 74682368 Jul 11 14:07 core.13213
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 1076576256 Jul 11 14:08 core.13502
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 104202240 Jul 11 15:39 core.13732
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 77934592 Jul 11 15:43 core.24595
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 113590272 Jul 11 13:18 core.4119
rw------ 1 pelco pelco 113524736 Jul 11 13:33 core.5318

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura SM5000 , all current known versions.
  • Endura Utilities v2.3.9


The Intel UPnP library used in the SM5000 is currently IPv4 compatible only.


To resolve this situation update Endura Utilities to version 2.3.10 or greater on all known computers that utilize Endura Utilities. This version of Endura Utilities will only utilize IPv4 on a computer that has IPv4 enabled. 

Endura Utilities can be updated via the two different options listed below.

Option 1: Auto Update

  1. Ensure that the computer with Endura Utilities 2.3.9 installed can access the internet.
  2. Start Endura Utilities and accept any Windows User Account Control prompts that are displayed relating to Endura Utilities.
  3. Endura Utilities will automatically download the latest update in the background.
  4. Restart Endura Utilities and click on Help > About to ensure that Endura Utilities has been updated.


Option 2: Manual Update

  1. Download Endura Utilities from the link below.
  2. After downloading the installation package transfer a copy of the installer to all computers that utilize Endura Utilities on this Endura network.
  3. Double click on the installer and follow the screen prompts.

To download the latest version of Endura Utilities, please see LL#8397.