What are the replacement batteries for the various Continuum controllers?


What are the replacement battery part numbers?

Product Line

Andover Continuum


Continuum and Infinity controllers

i2, b3, CX, bCX1

SCX920, LCX810, LCX800, TCX850


Replacement part numbers required.


  • All the i2/b3 controller battery types are covered on pages 48/49 of the b3 Controller Technical Reference
  • The CX9200, CX9400, and CX9900 all use 2 off: 12V 6.5A lead acid gel cells, Part number: 01-2100-423
  • The Part number for the bCX1 battery is: BCX1-BAT-KIT
  • The Part number for the ACX57xx battery is: ACX2-BAT-KIT
  • The Part number for the NC2 battery is: NC2-BAT-KIT
  • For the older Infinity Controllers: SCX920, LCX810, LCX800, TCX850 – ½ AA 3.6V 850mA-Hr  e.g. LS14250