How to activate the wiper-blade on an ExSite or Esprit Positioning System from an Endura Workstation or VCD.


User is unable to activate the wiper-arm on an ExSite or Esprit Positioning System from within an Endura Workstation or Viewing Console Device.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Transmission & Power


  • Endura WS5000/WS5200
  • Endura VCD5000/5200
  • ExSite/Esprit Positioning System with TXB-N (Sarix IP) Module


In order for Devices that encode analog video for Endura (TXB-N, NET5400, etc) to fire the Wiper blade of an ExSite or Esprit Positioning System, they must send the Preset 86 command, rather than the traditional (analog) AUX command.

Endura Workstation and VCD devices cannot activate Preset 86 from within the Preset Activation Dialogs, as it is considered a RESERVED Preset.


Preset 86 can be activated within script execution.
Follow these steps to create Script to activate Preset 86. Execute this script to activate the Wiper Blade as needed.

1. Launch and login to Endura WS5000/5200 with administrative privileges...

note: The default credentials are username: admin, password: admin.

2. Click , go to the   Tab, and create a new Script by clicking the button... 

note: Name the script as desired.

3. Click , drag the Preset Action from the Available Actions Panel to the Script Actions Panel, set the preset value number to 86, select the appropriate Camera Source (the one that has the wiper), and press OK to save.

4. To activate the wiper, Right-Click the script and select Execute.