Digital Sentry Network Video Recorder (DSSRV) replacement hard drives


This product has been discontinued. For further information please visit


Require a replacement hard drive.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DSSRV All versions


Failed hard drive requires replacement.


Note: DSSRV1 Hardware Discontinuance Notification Click here for Letter statment.

Replacement Hard Drives

  • 500GB HARD DRIVE = DSHDD-005
  • 3TB HARD DRIVE = DSHDD-030   SATA HARD DRIVE 3TB 7200 RPM (No longer for sale, failed drives will need to be sent in for repair).

Both of these hard drive packages include the following items:

  • The respective hard drive of capacity listed.
  • HDD handling instructions.
  • Disposable antistatic wrist strap
  • Four phillips-head mounting screws

If a replacement drive tray is required, part number ZSPDSSRV-0001 may be used.
If sata cable replacement JBOD, part number ZSPDSSRV-0012.(cable set)

Please contact your Pelco dealer or distributor for pricing information or information regarding warranty replacement of HDDs and/or HDD trays.


For replacement hard drives for the 2nd generation DSSRV2 NVR see:

What is the part number for the upgrade/replacement drive on the DSSRV2?