PTZ Protocol setup for NET5400T encoders.


How to change the Pan Tilt Zoom Communications Parameters for Pelco NET5400T Series Encoders.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Pelco NET5400T Series Encoders all versions


Setup of  PTZ Communications Parameters is required for proper PTZ Functionality.


To set the PTZ Communications Parameters for any Pelco NET5400T Series Encoder Channel, use either of the following methods -

Option 1 (requires Endura VMS System, otherwise use Option 2 below)

  1. Launch the Endura WS5000/WS5200 Application.
  2. From the navigation Panel, right-click the Camera representing the NET5400T Series Encoder Channel in question and select Modify Settings.
  3. Set the Communications Parameters as desired (see following examples), then press Apply to save changes... 

Example 1

Example 2

The Video Termination checkbox shown in the above screenshots should normally be enabled to prevent overbright/washed out video.


Option 2
note: The following "Set PTZ Mode" feature does not function correctly if using specific older versions of Endura Utilities, please update to the latest version (<< click) before proceeding.

  1. Open Pelco Utilities (formerly Endura Utilities), press Search to find all devices, select the NET5400 Encoder model category from the left panel, then right-click on the spefcific NET5400 Encoder from the rightside panel and navigate to Device Actions > Set PTZ Mode...

Set the desired baud rate, protocol, and PTZ Address, then press OK to save changes -


Additional notes

  • The values which initially appear in the popup dialog (such as baud rate 2400 as shown above) do not always represent the present state of the NET5400T Series Encoder in question.
    To put it another way, the "Set PTZ Mode" script is not always "reading" the current settings from the Encoder, but will apply the settings to the Encoder when OK is pressed.
  • It is not uncommon for the Sarix-Platform driving the NET5400T Series Encoder to have problems accepting changes. To troubleshoot, alternate between Coaxitron/Pelco D when setting PTZ Mode, or also reboot the Encoder then re-attempt the desired settings change.