Second stream recording on NSM5200 pools


This document outlines how to setup an NSM5200 pool to record the second stream of Pelco cameras and encoders.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


Endura NSM5200 2.1.5 and later

All Endura encoders and Pelco IP cameras


It’s only possible to record either stream 1 or stream 2 on all cameras in a pool, it’s not possible to mix and match streams inside an NSM5200 pool.


  • Make sure the pool only contains cameras that need to have stream 2 recorded.
  • Start Endura Utilities & log in as an administrator user.
  • Select the pool’s NSM5200 Manager > Device Actions > Second Stream Recording…
  • Turn on second stream recording.
  • Repeat the process for each camera or encoder in the NSM5200’s pool
  • To check if the settings were successful:
    • Start the WS5200 software
    • Select a camera in the pool, note the primary & secondary stream’s bit rate & frame rate
    • Right-click the live video, choose “Camera Settings” and compare the bit rate & frame rate.
    • Start instant playback & compare again through “Camera Settings”.

If not all cameras are now recording on the secondary stream; try the following:

  • Select the NSM Manager > Device Actions > Enable/Disable Multicast Recording > Select Disable. 

Note: only do this when not recording multicast video.