Field align settings on Spectra IV IP with TXB-N reverting to default


Settings for field align need to be set to avoid jagged edges and fine horizontal lines in the video output of the Spectra IV IP. This setting is off by default. Usually setting this to “ODD” will make the video output much smoother.

The problem is that after a reboot, the field align setting seems to have been reset back to “OFF”. When checking the field align setting, it still says “ODD”.

To temporarily solve this issue, the setting needs to be changed to something else and then back to “ODD”. This will only solve the issue until the next power cycle.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra IV IP TXB-N with software v1.7.41 and firmware v2.4


The TXB-N should read the field alignment setting on each startup and set it to ODD if this setting is made in the menu.

This was not the case in this software version.


Updating the software to v1.8.2.x and the firmware to v2.502 (included in the 1.8.2.x update) will fix this issue.

After reboot the setting will be OK.