Video jumps a few frames in live mode when starting PTZ


When starting PTZ on a camera connected to a NET5400T encoder, the video jumps forward a few frames, losing a few frames. This only occurs when starting a PTZ action, not during PTZ and is most apparent when slowly panning or tilting.

When playing back the video recorded by an Endura recorder, the jump in frames doesn’t show; this is only seen in live view.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


NET5400T, all software versions


The Endura viewing device will buffer frames for smooth playback during live view.

When the encoder receives a PTZ action it will add a header extension to the video frames it produces.

When the viewing device sees a header extension in a frame it is decoding it will stop buffering frames to favour low-latency PTZ over smooth video playback.

It is at the point that the viewing device sees this header extension and discards its buffer that you see this jump forward.


There is no resolution to this behaviour as this is by design.