Endura Video Motion Detection events for Sarix-based devices do not show in Enhanced Search


When a Sarix-based device is set up to trigger Endura VMD (Video Motion Detection), the events will show up in the alarm tab in the WS5200 software and on the VCD5202. When searching for those events in Enhanced Search, they will not show up and no events will be found.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


All Sarix-based devices with software versions up to and including

This includes NET5400T encoders and TXB-N encoder boards.


Engineering is still examining this issue to find the root cause.


There is currently no resolution, but there is a workaround.



Record on VMD alarm. The Enhanced Search for recorded alarm video for Sarix cameras does work correctly. If you are already continuously recording the cameras, adding event recording will not take up any more room on the Endura recorder.


To setup event recording:

·         In WS5200, go to “Setup” > “Recording Schedules”.

·         Create a new schedule by choosing “Add…” and give it a descriptive name (e.g: VMD Schedule).

·         Assign dates and times with no end date.

·         Choose the “Event-Based Recording” tab under step 2 and choose “Event” > “Add…”.

·         Select the Motion Alarm from the list on the left under “Events” and choose which cameras you want to record on this event (usually this will just be the camera triggering the event). Click “OK” when done.

·         To make the recording as short as possible, select the new event in the list and select the camera associated with it and right-click it. Choose “Properties…

·         Set the Pre-alarm to 1 minute (minimum) and set it to “Record until alarm is turned off”. Click “OK”.


After making these steps, every time there’s an event, there will be a blue line in the Quick Search to indicate the event recording in addition to the green continuous recording line:

To search these Endura VMD recordings in Enhanced Search:

·         In the WS5200, open the “Enhanced Search” tab.

·         Select the time range (not too long as the amount of returned events is limited)

·         Apply the “Video” filter to refine the search.

·         Choose the devices you want to search for.

·         Under “Recording Types”, choose “Motion” & start the Search.