How do I Format media and backup video files from the DX7100 system?


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How do I backup video files from the DX7100 system?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX7100 System


Backup video files


Video files can be backed up on an internal CD-RW drive.



1    SELECT DRIVE box - Lists drives with files available for backup.
2    STORED ITEM(S) box - Lists all files stored in the selected drive.
3    ADD Button - Adds stored files to ITEM(S) TO BACKUP box
4    ITEM(S)  TO BACKUP box - Lists files selected for backup.
5    CLEAR ALL Button - Clears all files in the ITEM(S) TO BACKUP box.
6    SPACE NEEDED Indicator - Shows the amount of space required to backup selected files.
7    HIDE Button - Closes the backup window.
8    FORMAT Button - Use to format a CD-RW disk.
9    STOP Button - If the backup process to the CD-RW disk has been initiated, the STOP button ends the copying session.
10  BackUP Button - Starts to backup (copy) the files in the ITEM(S) TO BACKUP box to the CD-RW disk.
11  DESTINATION DRIVE - Identifies the CD-RW drive and its available storage capacity.
12  REMOVE Button - Deletes selected files from the ITEM(S) TO BACKUP box.



  1. From the DISPLAY mode of the DX7100, click the COPY button. The backup window appears.
  2. Select a drive from the SELECT DRIVE box. After several minutes a list of files will appear in the STORED ITEMS(S) box.
  3. Use the left mouse button to select files to backup. Click the ADD button. The selected files appear in the ITEM(S) TO BACKUP box.
  4. Insert a CD-RW disk in the CD-RW drive. Only use formatted CD-RW disks. Do not use CD-R disks.
  5. To finish the backup process click the BACKUP button. A Backup indicator in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen shows that the files are being written to the CD-RW drive (refer to Figure below)
  6. To exit the backup window, click the HIDE button.
    NOTE: The CD-RW tray opens. Make sure the front door of the DVR is open.


To view the video on the CD, use the Backup Viewer.