How do I switch the TXB-V Baud rates?


The TXB-V translator board allows Vicon® controllers to communicate with Pelco’s ExSite™, Esprit®, and Spectra® systems.

The TXB-V translator board has been tested and shown to work with the following Vicon systems:

  • V1300X-DVC Remote Control Panel
  • VPS324 Matrix Controller
  • V1422™ Matrix Controller
  • V4480SCC Matrix 44® Card Cage
  • V6680SCC Matrix 66™ Card Cage

Based on the information published by the manufacturer, Pelco has reason to believe that the translator board will also work with the following Vicon models:

  • VPS1344™ Matrix Switching System
  • V1300 Series NOVA™ Programmable Matrix Switching System
  • V1400X-DVC System Console Control Station

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Transmission & Power


TXB-V - All Versions


Installation and configuration


The TXB-V translator board translates Vicon® communications to Pelco D Protocol at 2400 baud.  Set the TXB-V reception baud rates using P3 and P4.