WorkStation crashes when attempting to create a Web Service


When attempting to create a SOAP Web Service in StruxureWare,  WorkStation crashes after pressing the "Get operations" button for a WSDL file.

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


StruxureWare Workstation version (released 1.2 build)


StruxureWare only accepts simple data types in the WSDL file.  Some WSDL files (e.g. Microsoft Exchange Server) uses complex data types (types.xsd) for input parameters and StruxureWare cannot process these data types.   Workstation crashes because of an unhandled exception.


The unhandled exception error crash will be addressed in a future release so that Workstation does not crash upon receiving the error.  At this time, StruxureWare cannot process complex data types in WSDL files, and there are no plans to add this feature.