How to create and execute a Preset Tour for Spectra HD using an Endura Workstation


  • Using the WS5000 or WS5200 Create a Preset Tour in place of a Pattern.
  • Create a Pattern on a Spectra HD using the WS5000/WS5200.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Spectra HD
  • D5118, D5220, D5230
  • Spectra Pro
  • P1220
  • Endura Workstation WS5000/WS5200


  • Spectra HD does not feature Patterns.
  • Client wants to create a Pattern.


Users can create a preset tour, wherein the camera will move from preset to preset when triggered from WS5000/5200, mimicking the legacy pattern feature, as follows:

Create Preset Tour

On the Endura Workstation browse into the camera:

  1. Create the various camera presets via WS5000/5200, or from the D5118 Web UI.
  2. Launch the Web UI for the Spectra HD by opening the IP Address of Camera in your Web Browser, or using the Endura Utilities right-click > Open Web Interface option.
  3. Once open, select Login. (note: Default login credentials are admin / admin).
  4. Enter the Settings menu, mouseover the Imaging tab and select Preset Tour from the dropdown list.
  5. Create a Preset Tour by dragging and dropping the presets in the desired order..
  6. Adjust the dwell time and transition speed as required.  Note:  The default dwell time setting is 5 minutes and 0 seconds so this typically needs to be adjusted to see immediate results.  We suggested changing the minutes value to 0 and the seconds value to 1.  In the example bellow the Endura 1 Preset Tour will move the camera to preset 1, preset, 2, preset 3, preset 2, preset 1 and continue this sequence in 1 second intervals until the PTZ control is interrupted.

  7. Name the preset tour Endura 1, and then save.  This name is not case sensitive and the value can be between 1 & 16 (i.e. Endura 2, Endura 16, etc).
  8. Back in WS5000/5200, Drag and drop the camera into the viewing workspace again.  Right-click in the camera live view Pattern > Select Pattern.... > Pattern 1, clicking OK will execute your Endura 1 Preset Tour


If using a VCD5202, see the below figure for how to activate Pattern 1 from the KBD5000 Joystick Keyboard.