How do I view the version of the Pelco Export Player currently being used?


Information to assist Product Support or to verify successful installation.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Pelco Export Player installed with Endura WS5000 application.
  • Pelco Export Player included with Sarix cameras.
  • Pelco Export Player exported with a CD, DVD or a stand-along file.


  • Installation may not have been successful.
  • Incorrect Pelco Export Player associated with exported video clips.
  • Multiple Pelco Export Player's exist on the same PC.


  1. Start the Pelco Export Player by double clicking on an exported video clip (.pef) located on your PC, CD, DVD or USB drive. Note: By selecting an exported video clip rather than starting the Pelco Export Player by itself helps to ensure that the .pef file to Pelco Export Player associations are correct.
  2. Click on View Video to load the video file and timeline.
  3. Click on the information icon depicted in the image below to view the current version of the Pelco Export Player.