Entering CM9700-CC1 PC Keyboard Commands


What are the Key Commands in the CC1 Diagnostic Screen?

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Pelco Matrix


PC Keyboard
CM9760 Video Matrix Switching Control System


Exit the diagnostic screen to DOS prompt.


CM9700-CC1 PC Keyboard Command Functions

Function Keyboard Command System Box Display Message
Allocate monitor box 1 to 8 on diagnostic screen Function key F1 to F8, which correspond to monitor box 1 to 8, respectively Example: Pressing F1 to allocate monitor box 1 results in the following message:
Allocate Box 1 to ?
(Refer to the Allocating Monitors to Monitor Boxes section for additional information.)
Stop system operation Ctrl+Q Exit to DOS prompt
NOTE: When Ctrl+Q is entered, the 9760 system stops operating and the C:\9700 prompt appears. The CM9760-KBDs go offline and the time and date titling on the monitor outputs from the CM9760-MXB stop at XX:XX:59. Operators then lose control of the system. It is recommended that system operation be stopped during off-peak hours if possible.
Display number of messages to be printed Alt+O Total Ptr Msg => 0
NOTE: Printer port is reserved for future use.
Display port parameters Alt+A Example: 1 - ATNRQ (IRQ 10) Connected to SER1
NOTE: Toggling the Alt+A key combination cycles through all allocated IRQs and associated connections as configured.
Display operator logged-on parameters Alt+J Example: LogOn–Opr1, KB2,Pin1111,Port 7,index2
NOTE: Toggling the Alt+J key combination cycles through operators.
Display system alarm parameters Alt+K Example: Sys:3 Auto:0 1
Alt+Z Example: (10,0) (10,0) (10,0) (10,0)
Display/set time adjustment parameters Alt+L Last Adj. 0 : 0. 0 Total 0: 0 . 0
(Refer to the System Programming Using DOS section for detailed information about setting and adjusting time in a single-node system.)
Shift+ESC Last Adj. 0 : 0. 0 Total 0: 0 . 0.60
NOTE: The Shift+ESC command must follow the Alt+L command.
Display operator alarm parameters Alt+C Example: Kb2 Alms 0 Alarm 0 0 0 0 FI0 0 0
Display alarm sequence parameters Alt+B Cur0, Alms0-0 0 0 0 Cams0-0 0 0 0
Display configuration filename Alt+N Example: Configuration file is NODE1
Display number of peripheral devices connected to the system Alt+V Example: Port10 Node1 NIU0 Cam16 Mon8 Kbd11
NOTE: Continue toggling for entire list of peripheral devices.
Toggle printer port on/off Alt+P Printer not allocated
NOTE: Printer port is reserved for future use.
Toggle system error printing on/off Alt+R System Error Print ON
System Error Print OFF
NOTE: Printer port is reserved for future use.
Toggle system synchronization diagnostic trap on/off Alt+T Resynch Trap Offline
Resynch Trap Online
Toggle system diagnostics on/off. When system diagnostics
is off, the diagnostic screen is visible but is not updated.
Alt+D Demo On
Demo Off
Toggle system error reporting on/off. When system error reporting is off, the System box is not updated with system error messages. When a visual display of error reporting is not necessary, it is recommended that error reporting be turned off to reduce system load. Alt+S System on
System off
Toggle between master/slave units, PC keyboard, and monitor using ChangeOver system Alt+M --
Trigger alarm points 1 to 9 (test function) Shift + function key F1 to F9, which correspond to alarm points 1 to 9, respectively --
Clear message displayed in System box Space bar --