Unable to logon to SM5200 Web UI after a successful migration.


After migrating from an SM5000 to an SM5200 the default username/password combination of admin/admin does not allow the user to logon.

The following message is displayed to the end user;

"Logon Failed Check that you have entered a valid user name and password, and that you have permission to access the website."

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura SM5000 to SM5200 System Migration
  • No LDAP authentication. 


When the system is migrated from an SM5000 to SM5200 the pre-existing usernames and passwords are transferred as well. The SM5200 Web UI authenticates via the primary (DeviceManager) database just as it would when a logon is performed via the WS5200.

This differs from an SM5000, the SM5000 maintained a separate username/password database for the Web UI whereas the SM5200 does not.


Logon using the password for the admin user previously configured when the SM5000 was active. This will be the same admin password used to logon to the WS5200 application.

If the above method fails attempt to reset the admin password using one of the following methods:

  • Login to Endura Utilities and locate the SM5200.
  • Right-click the SM5200 and choose Sytem Manager Actions ► Reset Admin Password.

    *NOTE:  Must be logged in to Endura Utilities as an admin user account.

The admin password may also be reset using the WS5000 software by loggin in as an admin account and resetting the admin user password.  Please see LL#12273 for information on configuring Users and Roles within the WS5000 software.