Tips for best results when using Endura Motion Detection Event Recording.


Improper setup can result in unreliable or non-functional Motion Detection Event Recording in Endura.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Endura Workstation Software (WS5000/5200).


Endura Motion Detection Event Recording configuration requires fine tuning, which can vary greatly depending on Camera/Encoder Series/Model/Revision, scene object distance and lighting, and other variables.


First, follow the configuration steps in Pelco Knowledgebase Lessons Learned Article Lessons Learned Article #12138.
If Motion Detection Event Recording is malfucntioning, here are some troubleshooting tips - 

  1. From within WS5000 or WS5200, right-click the Camera in question and choose Modify Settings.
  2. From within the Motion sub-tab, make adjustments to the Sensitivity and Threshold Blocks.

    For best results, use Threshold Blocks instead of Percent. Start with low values (between 6 and 30 Blocks), which work well for most scenes, and raise if too-much Motion Detection is occurring (for instance with a very close-up/indoor camera scene), or lower if too much is happening (too much movement or noise in the picture)

    Depending on the scene (distance from camera to moving objects, lighting conditions, amount and luminance of colors) and the camera model and its video stream settings (compression type, resolution, framerate, bitrate) the values needed for Sensitivity and Threshold to reliably trigger an alarm on motion detection (which can then be used to record video) can greatly vary. These values will need to be fine tuned per camera scene to ensure reliable Motion Detection. For best results, ensure that each scene being configured has some movement happening at the time (either naturally or with a partner traveling into the scene to create movement), in order to fine-tune each scene so that no critical events are missed and that any "fake" movement in the scene (caused by shadows, clouds, lighting changes, pixel noise, etc) creates little or no false Event Recording.

    note: There is a known behavior with the WS5000/5200 Threshold Dropdown Box, where whenever the Modify Settings > Motion Tab is re-visited by a user, it will visibly show as Threshold Percent, even though it had previously been saved at Threshold Blocks. This is a visual issue only, and if no changes are made (so long as the OK or Apply buttons are not pressed), the Motion Detection will continue to operate as originally configured and saved.  If OK or Apply is pressed however, it will switch to the Threshold Percent being displayed, which can cause the motion detection to be less sensitive and fail to function.

    For example, if Threshold Blocks is set to 20. The next time a user visits the Modify Settings > Motion Tab, it will visibly show as “Threshold Percent : 20”. This is not the actually setting that is in effect, and if the user leaves the Motion Tab without pressing Apply or OK, there will be no symptoms or consequences.

    To avoid this, always re-change the Threshold Dropdown Box back to Threshold Blocks and re-adjust the value to its previous number prior to using Apply or OK.

  3. Utilize the Preview motion checkbox to ensure that the Sensitivity and Threshold Blocks values are appropriately triggering when motion is present in the scene, and conversely are appropriately not triggering (from minor pixel shifts such as shadows or lighting) whenever the scene is still.

  4. Once complete, verify functionality by presence of Blue Video Marks within the Quicksearch timeline, as shown near the end of Lessons Learned Article #11122. If there is still no Motion Detection, contact Pelco Technical Support for troubleshooting assistance.



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