Can 2 MSTP Networks be connected to the same Automation Server?


How many MSTP networks can you connect to an Automation Server (AS or AS-B)?

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


V1.2 Release

V1.3 Release

MSTP Network on an StruxureWare Building Operation Automation Server (AS or AS-B)

BACnet MSTP Devices


Require 2 separate MSTP networks, either to use 2 different Baud rates or to speed up the network and split the devices across the 2 ports.


You can create 2 separate MSTP networks under the BACnet interface of an AS-B or AS (version 1.3 or higher), one on Comm A the other Comm B.

Each can run at different Baud rates if required.

For number of supported devices please reference LL#7070. Please be aware that the listed maximum is for the Automation Server allowing you to distribute between the two comm ports.