Does the Endura UDI5000-CAM Universal Device Interface support secondary streams for third-party cameras?


Third party cameras are not displayed on 9 and 16 channel views on the Endura WS5200 Workstation Software.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


Endura UDI5000-CAM Universal Device Interface, all versions, verified with v1.2.0.0327

Endura WS5200 Workstation Software v2.5.3


The Endura UDI5000-CAM Universal Device Interface does not support secondary streams.

When the Endura WS5200 Workstation Software is in 9 and 16 channel views, it will typically use the secondary stream of IP cameras. However, the primary stream will be used if set to a lower resolution.


To use 9 and 16 channel views on Endura WS5200 Workstation Software with the Endura UDI5000-CAM Universal Device Interface, it is recommended to configure resolutions no greater than 640x480 for the primary stream of the third-party IP camera being used.