Sigma Server crashes soon after startup. Anti-Virus is also on the same machine.


Sigma Server failure

Product Line

Satchwell Sigma


Sigma Site


Sigma has worked OK previously but now the Sigma server fails every time and quickly after starting.


A new anti-virus definitions file has been downloaded either manually or automatically and has detected that a Sigma file may be suspect, this will normally be a fault of the definitions file. There will be a report in the Windows event viewer that Sigma services has failed.

Anti-Virus software is often set to move suspect files into a "quarantined" directory.  There will be a log to show this. Check these for any Sigma files quarantined.

Anti-Virus software can also be set to automatically delete suspect files.  There will be a log to show this. Check this for any Sigma files shown as deleted.

1. Disable the Anti-Virus software on either the whole of c:\sigma\data or c:\sigma\bin.

Note: The site IT may need to be involved and approval may be required.

2. Either re-instate the files from the quarantined folder or re-install Sigma.