MN-Sx, MN-SxHT sensors calibration


MN-Sx, MN-SxHT sensors calibration

Product Line

TAC I/A Series, Field Devices


I/A Series MicroNet Sensors (MN-Sxxx series)


Sensor readings inaccurate


1. Calibration in WorkPlace Tech application program

  • Calibrate the temperature and / or humidity offset in the Hardware Wizard.
  • Enter a positive or negative offset value. For examples, -0.5 or 0.5.
  • The WorkPlace Tech application has to be compiled and downloaded to the controller for the offset to take effect.


2. Calibration via sensor's Diagnostic Mode (only available in MN-S3xx, MN-S4xx, MN-S4xx-FCS, and MN-S5xx)

  • To enter the sensor's Diagnostic Mode, press the Up and Down buttons simultaneously until the sensor enters the Diagnostic Mode.
  • Press the Override button (while still in Diagnostic Mode). This will lead you to a display where you can enter an offset for sensor calibration.
  • Allow the sensor to return to the normal display (takes about 30 seconds).